Published Books & Book Chapters:

“Labor-Management Relations,” Chapter 23, Company Officer Handbook. PennWell Publishing: Tulsa, Oklahoma (Expected publication date: Fall 2017).

“Labor Relations for the Fire Service”. PennWell Publishing: Tulsa, Oklahoma. (April 2012).

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Firefighters: The Calls that Stick with You.” Published Book. Co-Author of book, Chevron Publishing, Ellicott City, MD. (February 2005).

“Guide to Help The Fire Service Prepare For A Line-Of-Duty Death” Developed and published (Self-published) a 78 page guide book. Copies sold in the U.S., Canada, Sweden, and Australia. More than 2000 copies sold. March 1995.


Antonellis, P. (2015). Creation of systematic employment phone screening procedure for hiring tenure track faculty: An action research study. (Order No. 3732454). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Full Text. (1734891808).

Peer Reviewed Articles

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Peer Reviewed Presentations

Parent, J., Antonellis, P, Sullivan, C. & Lovelace, K. (2017). Classroom Exercises using Team Based Learning, Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference Proceedings.

Subject Matter Expert

 Prevention of Sexual Harassment ---  Lead Technical Writer  FETN—Fire & Emergency Training Network (FETN-038-0210), Carrollton, TX.

 February   2010

 Therapeutic Communication ---  Lead Technical Writer PULSE—Emergency Medical Update (AHVP-464-1007DV), Carrollton, TX, October 2007

 Community Disaster Planning – Lead Technical Writer, American Heat Video (AHVP-463-0607DV), Carrollton, TX, May 2007

  Honoring the Fallen Firefighter --- Lead Technical Writer,  American Heat Video (FETN-038-0307DV), Carrollton, TX, February 2007

  The Art of Smoke Reading --- Lead Technical Writer,  American Heat Video (AHVP-463-1106VV), Carrollton, TX, November 2006

  EMS Support of Special Operations Training Video – Lead Technical Writer. PULSE: Emergency Medical Updates (AHVP-464-1105DR), Carrollton, TX,

  September 2005

  Who is in Charge at an Accident Scene? -- Video Tape. American Heat Video, Carrollton, Texas, November 1, 1997

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Critical Incident Stress -- U.S. Fire Service -- Instructor  Norfolk Fire Service Instructors Organization. Great Yarmouth, Norfolk England. September 1992.

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